Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Chapter 4

For a long time I wouldn’t even think about it. But I’ve thought about it since I’ve been here; thought about it until there isn’t anything more to think. It wasn’t my fault I don’t reckon.
It was the school holidays, Easter 1976. We were living in Yeovil. Mum and Dad were at work and I was looking after Kathy. I’d just done us both scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch. She was sat on the kitchen floor looking at a book, flapping the pages backwards and forwards. I was dossing about drinking tea and reading the Mirror.
I’d run out of cigs and I was gasping. Kath was good for seven. I’d smoked in the house before when it was just me and her there and you could trust her not to grass you up. Not even by accident.
So I got her to put her shoes on and we headed up the shop for twenty Craven A. We got to the cross-roads and went over to the shop. I got the fags, and a Twix to split with Kath. We came out and were stood at the kerb waiting to cross. Then it all started happening. The traffic wasn’t even that bad. It must’ve been quick but when I remember it, it goes on forever. I heard the bell on the shop door go. Ray called out that he’d short-changed me so I started walking back towards the shop. I was pulling Kath with me. I still had hold of her hand; I know that for a fact.
Then this noise burst behind me like a house falling down. I looked round and there’s this lorry. I still had hold of Kath’s hand. The back end of the lorry flipped round by about three foot.
I tried to pull Kath out the way but I was too slow.
It looked like it barely clipped her. Threw her yards though. I had her hand held tight in me fist, but when she got hit her hand just slipped away, dry and smooth like there was talc on it or something.
She went up and forward. I started running, fast as I could, like I was going to catch her and she’d be alright. But when she hit the ground I knew that was it. She was bent up all wrong. The driver never stopped. They never caught the cunt.