Thursday, April 28, 2005

Chapter 26

That night in the Merman with Danny, I couldn’t speak. I knew if I said anything he’d start making excuses and I’d end up smacking him. From then on I was just along for the ride. I’d had something good and special and it had fucked up. I was going to have to manage with the same things as other people. That’s when I started going out with Les. I said to Paul how it felt like I was getting cheated out of what I deserved. He said I wasn’t the first and I wouldn’t be the last.
We done the recording Bank Holiday Monday. That was another Danny Sharky idea dead on arrival. A bloke Paul knew run the studio. It wasn’t his proper job. He mended tellies. It was over the chip-shop in Turton Street, up the stairs and behind a padded door. Everything stunk of chip-fat.
Christy come too. I asked him. You can’t just leave people behind. He was edging his way back by then. He’d turn up at the pub around ten, sit on his own with his nose in an Agatha Christie, drink five pints then go home. I used to call across to him; ‘You worked out who done it yet?’ He’d look up but he wouldn’t say nothing; not for the first few weeks. I suppose it was me who got him back into things really. I feel bad about it now but I meant well by it.
The bloke talked us out of taping the whole set in three hours and we just done three songs. The last half hour we squeezed into the control room while the bloke mixed down the tracks. Eventually he played them back. We just sounded like kids. There was no getting round it. We were shit.
I sat there holding me head. I could feel the band falling in half, me and Patrick down one side, Danny and Animal down the other. It wasn’t about who liked who, it was about who knew when they were beaten and who didn’t.
What with all the bollocks in the band and that, I couldn’t fancy Amsterdam when it come to it. It clashed with Les’s eighteenth but that was an excuse pretty much. Danny didn’t say why he changed his mind about going but I reckon it was because The Shakespeare Monkees had a gig on that weekend. Lot of good it done him in the end.

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